New pattern canopy

For the convenience of operating the "Shtuka" model, the “Shaman” offers its customers a new canopy variant (optional), which has the following functional features:

- zippers are now on the sides, which provides more space for the passenger by

folding the "top cover";

- for storage at your fingertips, there are two pockets provided on the back of the


- the canopy is equipped with two ventilation windows located on the sides, an

additional attachment point to the main handle of the sledge;

- the time for removal and installation of the canopy is still a few seconds.

Please note that the interchangeability of the canopy of the "old" sample (with one zipper) to the "new" (with two zippers) on the “Shaman’s” “Shtuka” sledge is possible ONLY when reinstalling the canopy mounting frame, the design of which is different!


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