Temporary mount for second anchor

As I already said, my anchor is different from the anchor - a copy of the “Dunler’s”. I am not happy with the shape of the teeth of the “Dunler’s” anchor - with approximately the same dimensions and weight of the product, the teeth of my anchor are more saber-shaped and longer, this is better for the ability of the

anchor to self-bury in snow. In addition, the handle for pulling the anchor out of the snow is more shifted back relative to the teeth. I did this so that when pulling out the anchor the hand force should be directed at a smaller angle to the stuck part of the teeth, and the anchor was not necessary to swing in snow and soil, as I used to watch on some videos.

I cannot offer a mount that is equally suitable for both my anchor and the “Dunler’s”. Unfortunately, the copies of the “Dunler’s” anchors made by different Russian manufacturers differ in geometry, especially in the geometry of welding the site relative to the frame, that is, you can still make a common glass on them,

but my anchor will be loose in it and it’s inconvenient to fix it. At the same time, not all of them get into the “native” mount of my anchors, with a spring latch, the “Dunler’s” copies are fixed in, and for fear that the sledge buyers will not put their anchors in them, I put the universal mount on the sledge by


But the question often arises of whether there is a second fastener on the sledge. Since often a second anchor is needed only for a while, I thought that it would be possible to offer a universal Velcro fastener made of a sling, such as fabric fasteners that have been used for a long time. The width of such a fastener can be adjusted directly for the anchor, and it is suitable for anyone. Put and remove of it is literally in seconds. Of course it is not as convenient as a plastic glass, but as a makeshift, I think it will come down.

So such a thing is being tested, whoever wants, it can be send with a sledge.


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