The "Sprint" model - sports sledge

Sports sledge should not be universal - it should be sharpened to the maximum for speed and compliance with Sleddog Sport rules.

It should also be beautiful - but it's also a little bit of an exhibition. The prettiness of the equipment matters here. This is either the kids to ride, or in the woods to train dogs, or in the campaign to trample the puffy - there come to the fore other qualities, and beauty, aesthetics in general probably in last place.

Requirements for handling there is also a relative. Yes, I often hear from fans of "Danler" - what difficult routes they go through on them. But on those tracks that I saw at the races - it is possible to go in a sledge sitting. I still have not caught the eye of the video from the race, where the sledge is required to focus on handling.

Requirements for working strength in sports are also not in the first place. The separation of the skid or ski from the frame is quite common for a sprint sledge, even a very expensive one.

In general, after sitting-looking-thinking, I decided that after five years of work in this theme, you can offer your sportswear.

What will it be?

First, it will be stronger than imported ones. It'll pass all my standard crash tests. The sledge will allow you to train on unprepared tracks, such as those that I shoot on my videos. This is convenient, as it gives the user a greater choice of places to train without fear of breaking the sledge.

Secondly, the value is the quality of the slide runners. Unfortunately, the sliding ability of sheet industrial polyethylene, from which the replaceable slither is milled, whatever brand they may be, is not enough to compete with sintered ski bases, specially designed for sliding. The replaceable cloth slides and holds paraffins approximately the same, skis as economy class, for two-three thousand


Therefore, my sledge will initially be offered with 2 sets of runners - training on a

removable slide and racing on a sintered ski spec-7000, made in Austria.

Third, the most important component of any sports projectile is its weight. I've been to the races with an accurate electronic bezel that has a measurement error of 20 grams per 5 kg. And here's what I found: the real weight of some racing sledges often differs from that which is stated by manufacturers on their websites, that is, the fundamental characteristic of the product in the sport is distorted, is reported to buyers obviously wrong. I even know a case when one of the buyers hinted to the manufacturer very delicately that the weight of his sledge is more than announced, to which the manufacturer replied - now I will re-weigh. And then announces  weight, slightly greater, than previously, but would still roughly on 2-3 kg less than real. It is a shame to see that some manufacturers resort to such techniques, because most people have small teams, and the extra pounds that they are forced to load on themselves and on the dogs, often push them away from success, turning into lost seconds.

Of course, you can weigh the sledge without skis, without a canopy, without a brake mat, in the characteristics and write this figure, beginners will not understand the trick, but for me it is not quite a decent move. When weighing the sledge should be fully equipped according to the rules of racing, well, maybe except the anchors, because they are not a constructive part of the sledge itself, they are additional equipment, and they are often bought separately.

I will not need to deal with such things, already now the prototype of my sports sledge, light weighting "Vint", on the Austrian sledge weighs less than the "Danler Hornet" in the same configuration. I practically hold the sledge at arm's length in front of me. Of course, you can still compare the handling performance and strength, but I think on these points I do not need to worry at all.

So, in the 2019-20 season I will present to the public my sports equipment - the "Sprint" model, I will conditionally call it so far.

Video about the "Slalom" model watch HERE...


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