The "Slalom" model

Light sled for huskies and other breeds, with a canopy for 2-6 dogs

Most sled dogs’ owners have not a large team. Two-three dogs - and there is a chaos in apartment, sufficient for happiness. Therefore, there is a thought of a dog sledge, facilitated as much as possible, but with a canopy.

A compact, lightweight sledge is needed, which can be easily taken under an arm even by a woman or a teenager could, and taking the dogs on the coupler to bring it to the park. A sledge is needed, which in the conditions of little snow Moscow winters it is easy to lift and move through the melted sections of the route. But at the same time it should be strong enough so that I could fly on it through the fallen trunks and other insignificant obstacles, without being afraid to break the runners. And it should be enough lifting, to take a ride with a human. Of course, it should have ergonomics and maneuverability, making the riding interesting and convenient for the musher and dogs.

I offer the model of a light walking sledge for dogs.

The name "slalom" was asked for itself after the first departures on it in the forest. The product is arranged in such a way as to maximally facilitate the work of the musher in the turn.

With brake-hybrid it weighs 11.5 kg. It is practically the lightest sledge in its class.

Structurally, it is an analogue of its "older" sister (sledge for dogs "Shtuka"), but slightly smaller in size and made of more rigid plastics and profiles of smaller cross-section. It allows you to ride as passengers children of primary and school age. If necessary, the design of the seat will withstand the average weight of an adult.


- Runners: four or five-layer, ash-beech, width 40 mm, with a system of removable slide on the guide "dovetail" type or runners with glued slide Sintered IS 7200 (made in Austria). When folding sled runners from the frame are not separated.

- Brake system: brake-hybrid or separate brake system (rigid brake bracket + brake Mat with control knob).

- Side handles.

- Anchorage (the location of it is determined by the customer).

- Canopy (color is determined by the customer in agreement with the manufacturer).

The article about the differences between the model " Slalom "from the model "Vint"

The cost of the model as standard:

- brake hybrid 470 USD.

- with separate brake system 520 USD. 

Additional accessories (not included in the standard package):

- A spare set of removable slide, the cost is 25 USD.

- Anchorage (second), the cost is 10 USD.

- Back-bag "2 in 1", the cost is 20 USD.

- Anchor lightweight with cable, the cost is 10 USD.

Video about the "Slalom" model watch HERE...

Модель "Слалом"
Модель "Слалом"
Модель "Слалом"
Модель "Слалом"
Модель "Слалом"
Модель "Слалом"
Модель "Слалом"
Модель "Слалом"
Модель "Слалом"
Модель "Слалом"