The "Shtuka" model

Reinforced sledge for dog riding, with the possibility of riding passengers

This sledge combines characteristics that make it suitable for both racing and weekend rides. Its weight is not optimal for sprints, but in fact, it is lighter than some domestic sprint sledges. The volume of its canopy is small, but the cargo area confidently withstands the weight of an adult. It's not as docile in the corner like a “Slalom” - but among the "classmates", it has no equal in terms of


In fact, all my sledges, except maybe the "Vint" model - there is a development of the sledge "Shtuka", its remixes for various purposes.

  1. The layout of the frame - it does not allow you to fold the sledge vertically. This sledge is folded "lying" on the runners, for a couple of minutes, without any tool, by loosening the two side bike nuts and unscrewing one convenient nut in a plastic shell, in front. When it is folded, it has dimensions of approximately 180 by 60 by 25 cm. In principle, for greater compactness and loading convenience, the runners can also be removed, but for this you need to unscrew eight threaded connections. And this is ten minutes of hand work.

  2. Front point of fixation pull - it seems to me wrong for a walking dog sledge to drag the pull through the nose of the sledge. This fixation of the traction force to the nose requires additional effort from the musher when maneuvering (the sledge is more steered by dogs, not by you), which is fraught with sharp turns. In my sledge, the distance of the fixation point of the pull is changeable, that is, it is chosen by the musher depending on the complexity of the route and personal preferences. There are several provisions, you can choose for yourself.

  3. The brake – I think it is inconvenient and irrational the availability of what a small walking sledge has, calculated on 4 average huskies, two brakes-staples-plough and brake mat. I am convinced that in small sledges the elements of soft and hard braking should be in a single unit and do not require additional movements to drive them to the working position, as required by a sports brake mat, for example. On my sledge by default questioning the brake are mine, in "two in one" type. The front part of the flexible platform-soft braking, rear is hard. Just make a reservation, we are talking about a sledge for 4 ordinary huskies. How it will work with 4 riding crossbreds - I do not know. It is likely that without the traditional bracket it won’t work. And one more nuance with regards to the brake. It takes up less space behind the sledge than a traditional brake mat of the sportive sledges, but more than a simple bracket, so for athletes who are used to actively helping dogs, it may not fit - when

swinging and pushing, it is possible to touch the rear brake spikes with shoes. An alternative option brakes - separate brake.

  4. The weight of the sledge - it cannot be brought by me to the sporting masses, as this will exclude the reserves of strength necessary for rides. And not just for rides. The sledge itself without a canopy weighs about 13 kg, plus a canopy, plus a polyethylene back, plus additional handles. The sledge is too heavy for one dog. It is maybe for two strong dogs even more-less.

  5. Canopy – it is not quite the usual. It is quite flat and low in size, has a small "windage", but it has an additional volume on the zipper, which is hidden inside, and gets only if it is necessary. If necessary, the canopy is removed and placed on the sledge in just a few seconds. From 2017 it is offered canopy without inner walls, with 2 zippers on the sides, more convenient, if the sledge applies mostly as sledge for riding passengers.

  6. The sled runners from 2016 are five layer, made of ash and beech slats. Width is 50 mm. The thickness of the front part is increased to minimize the probability of breakage of the skid in a hard collision (with a tree for example). Geometrically, the current runners differ from the runners of previous seasons and from the runners of the sportive profile. As a slide, a replaceable slide made of high molecular weight polyethylene or PE-300 is used on the guides. It is more practical because of the simplicity of replacing the cloth, but adds weight to the runners.

Note: the replacement slide is initially smooth, but after the first trips it is covered with longitudinal scratches. It's NORMAL, it should be so. If anyone has told you that it should remain smooth, glossy, without scratches and burrs, then my sledge is not suitable for you. The fabric of the sledge’s slide, which is not designed for high-quality prepared tracks - this is an expendable material, working in specific conditions, and is subject to replacement, but not as scratching, but as complete wear. For those who like to ride fast and on good tracks, in the upcoming season 2016-17, the sledge can be equipped with a glued slide SINTERED IS 7200, production Austria, in addition to runners with a removable slide.

  7. The sledge is equipped with a quick-release back, which is placed instead of the canopy. The back is made of soft, non-breakable polyethylene, which retains its elastic properties in the cold. Fixed on the sledge with two screws, without any special tool. The back does not interfere with the roll of the sledge. In order to avoid wiping the corners of the canopy on the back, it is recommended

not to install the back and the canopy at the same time, or not to fix the lower rubber bands of the canopy with the installed back.

  8. Since 2016, side handles have been included in the basic package. They are made of non-breakable material. Their shape and angle of inclination are such as to provide the most comfortable grip, especially when actively working with the sledge on technically difficult tracks.

  9. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the sledge is not for competitions, but for entertainment and riding. My primary requirements to it are versatility, indestructibility, and the ability to freely travelling on unprepared routes with awkward twists and turns (including turns at an acute angle). The sledge does not meet some generally accepted standards, so the use of it may differ from the use of sportive sledges.

  10. Since 2017, the “Shtuka” model has been manufactured ONLY with separate brakes.

I am often asked 2 questions: the first - is it allowed to race? The answer is - I do not know, depends on refereeing. Sledges for sledding is a rather specific thing, and the requirements stipulated in the rules are often interpreted in different ways. I do not yet know of cases of non-admission of my sledge with separate brakes for sprint races, but I would refrain from giving any guarantees. And the second question - is it possible to ride children on it? I don't know either. This should be decided by the user himself, based on his own skills and ideas of security. Passenger sledge, i.e. sledge for hire on dogs, in my opinion, must have certain design features too. Not every sledge for dogs, in which you can put a passenger, I can consider a rental sledge. And to compensate the unsuitability of the projectile with increased accuracy of the route or lower speed of riding seems to me not quite right. After all, riding people on dog sleds – it is a very serious theme. With transition on runners of my assemble, the total "labor" the tenacity of the sledge grew, and permissible number of dogs is determined by, essentially, only in brakes of the sledge. I ride 4-6 dogs. Someone has dogs larger and stronger, which my brake-hybrid cannot keep, so I don’t undertake to decide for buyer, whether of my products will fit his requests.

However, I repeat, since 2016, the sledge can be equipped with a separate brake


Standard equipment:

- Runners: five-layer, ash-beech, width 50 mm, with a system of removable slide on the guide type "dovetail" or runners with glued slide Sintered IS 7200 (production Austria). The sledge runners are not separated from the frame when folding.

- Brake system: hybrid brake or separate brake system (rigid brake bracket + brake pad with control handle).

- Side handles.

- The back is quick-detachable from HDPE.

- Anchorage (location is determined by the customer).

- Canopy (color is determined by the customer in agreement with the manufacturer).

I draw your attention that the sledge, taking into account its weight (14-17kg in different sizes) and dimensions (the runners do not separate when it is folded), can be heavy for you and inconvenient in transportation, so before you stop on it, weigh all the "pros" and "cons" in terms of storage, carrying and transportation.

The cost of the model as standard:

- with brake hybrid, the cost is 500 USD.

- with separate brake system, the cost is 550 USD.

Additional accessories (not included as standard):

- Spare set of replacement sliders, the cost is 25 USD.

- Anchorage (second), the cost is 10 USD.

* The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of the sled, not impairing its structural and strength characteristics

** The sledges are not equipped with an anchor and rope for it

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