The «Kukushka» model


A sledge for huskies and other breeds, designed for 1-3 dogs

The weight of the sledge is about 8.5 kg. Dimensions are 170 by 43 by 89 "on the go" and 20 folded. Materials are rectangular aluminum box, polyethylene. Since November 2015 - according to my template and my own production, there are durable, four-layer, glued from ash and beech lamellas. They are thicker around the bend of the сape and stronger than those that used on the so-called "sprint" sledges.

At the moment I offer a removable system of sliding surface on the guides of the "dovetail" type. Walking sledge for dogs usually implies not the best quality of the trail, so I think a removable skid is more practical.

Braid handle is made of genuine leather.

Brake is a hybrid on a rubber platform, combining in a single unit the soft braking and the hard. This is a reduced analog of the one I put on my other walking sledge for more dogs.

The point of fixation of the pull to the sledge is changeable, it is possible to choose several positions, distant from the axis of the sledge.

The canopy for the sledge is not provided due to its small size, I do not understand the purpose of the bag. But it is very convenient to fix the backpack on it while walking or hiking, more convenient than a canopy.

In addition, the sledge is equipped with a cloth pocket for various small items that are uncomfortable to carry in the pockets in clothing.

Dimensions and track width of this sledge are such that it was possible to use including narrow paths and "smeared" ski while riding. This gives much greater freedom in choosing places for skiing.

The sledge can carry a cargo of 30-40 kg.

The sledge for dogs "Kukushka" IS not a sportive, because it has a number of differences from the generally accepted standards, and the use of it may also have differences from the use of sports sledges. I am often asked 2 questions: is it allowed to race? The answer is - I do not know, it depends on refereeing. Is it possible to ride children? I don't know, either. Such things are decided by the user

himself, guided by his own common sense and security concepts.

Standard equipment:

- Sled runners: four-layer ash-beech with a system of removable slide on the

guide in "dovetail" type (when folding the sled from the frame is not


- Brake system: brake-hybrid.

- Back-bag " 2 in 1 "(the color is determined by the customer in consultation

with the manufacturer).

The cost of the model as standard is 300 USD.

Additional accessories (not included in the standard package):

- Spare set of replacement skids, the cost is 25 USD.

- Side handles, the cost is 20 USD.

- Anchorage, the cost is 10 USD.

* The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of the sled,

not impairing its structural and strength characteristics

** The sledges are not equipped with an anchor and rope for it

Video about the "Kukushka" model watch HERE...


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