The "Ayavrik" model (for children)

Recently, I was asked to come up with a sledge for a child, for 1 dog. In general, I am careful about everything regarding children. Still, there are speeds and from one dog that not every child will brake on time.

But parents know better what their child is capable of...

But, in addition to low braking weight, such mushers have one more drawback - in the off-season they grow at the withers by several centimeters. That is, the optimal grip height for the musher is the most important component of a safe and comfortable ride on a sledge, is not constant.

Well, I developed such a thing...

Easy walking - training sledges for children and controlling 1-2 dogs, with adjustable positions of the height of the handles and the angle of their inclination, folding.


- Dimensions when folded (LxWxH) 1.78x0.44x0.25 m.

- Total weight 8 ÷ 8.5 kg.

Standard equipment:

- Runners: four-layer ash-beech with a system of interchangeable slippery on a guide “dovetail” type (the frame do not separate from the sledges when folding).

- Brake system: hybrid brake.

The cost of the model as standard is 300 USD.

Video about the "Ayavrik" model watch HERE...

Детская нарта "Аяврик" (ПРОТОТИП)
Детская нарта "Аяврик" (ПРОТОТИП)
Детская нарта "Аяврик" (ПРОТОТИП)
Детская нарта "Аяврик" (ПРОТОТИП)
Детская нарта "Аяврик" (ПРОТОТИП)
Детская нарта "Аяврик" (ПРОТОТИП)