Differences between the “Slalom” model and the “Vint” model

I am often asked the question - how do the sledges "Slalom" and "Vint" differ. I'll try to answer on the points:

  1. The “Slalom” is about 0.8 kg lighter - this sledge has a slightly smaller total length of frame profiles and a smaller total area of plastic parts.

  2. The front crossbeam of the “Slalom” frame is located slightly more behind, this allows even medium-sized adult passengers to ride on the sledge, provided that the seated person puts his feet on the skids of the runners. On the “Vint” sledge, the crossbeam is shifted forward, because of this there is the rear rung between it, a larger span of the cargo area. You can ride a large dog or child, but with an excessively heavy adult passenger there is a possibility of deflection of the cargo

area profiles.

  3. The sledge “Vint” has a diagonally fixed pull. It has the ability to “steer” when tilting the sledge. The “Slalom” has a simple pull, fixed motionless to the rear pillars of the frame. With this fastening, the point of application of traction force to the sledge is invariable. “Slalom’s” maneuverability is achieved by the optimal overall layout - the geometry of the frame, the position of the musher relative to the skids, the geometry and rigidity of the skids themselves, the working width when taxiing, the proximity of the pull out point to the rotary axis of the sledge. In general, a simple type of pull is more reliable, since there are no blocks, which can break during critical jerking loads - when hitting a tree, for example.

  4. For the convenience of riding passengers on the “Slalom”, it is possible to use a cloth backrest from the “Kukushka” sledge. On the “Vint” sledge, the back cannot be secured - there is no upper crossbar.

  5. On the “Slalom” we fix the anchor by default from the back - the anchor does not interfere with the passenger, or on the side. On the “Vint” there is only one position - on top, on the sides of the canopy. To put someone in the sledge, the anchor turns the fangs out, or completely remove from the sledge.

In terms of the number of dogs, as practice shows, the sledges are identical. And the people use both sledges with teams from 1-2 to 6-8 dogs.

Both sledges have five-layer glued skids with a width of 40 mm, very reliable, it is quite problematic to break them.

By the way, in the video on the “Slalom” sledge, I put under the wheel of the car not even a five-layer, but a four-layer runner from the “Kukushka” sledge.

To briefly sum up: the “Slalom” sledge is a little easier and more universal. The  “Vint” has a slightly better ergonomics, from my point of view, and I feel more comfortable on winding tracks. But I will make a reservation - my tracks are specific, I don’t ride, but I’m testing. For normal people this is usually unnecessary. Although, of course, the topic of controllability often flickers in discussions.

I have repeatedly offered the owners of imported sprint sledges, which they really praise, ride their sledges on my track for a good fee. There are no volunteers yet.

                                                                                                                                   Sincerely, Roman Karev