Brake system

At the request of the client, the "Shaman" sledges can be equipped with a hybrid brake system (photo on the right) and separate (photo on the left).

a) the “Shaman’s” hybrid brake is a reinforced rubber mat, where the front and rear parts of the flexible platform are equipped with spikes of different lengths to control the braking force by the brake.

- the hybrid brake does not provide an additional manual lifting mechanism and

allows to reduce the total weight of the sledge assembly by almost 1.5 kg

- the combat readiness of such a brake is constant;

- provides the ability to install anchors / anchors at the rear of the sledge’s cargo area.

b) the separate brake system consisting of a hard steel brake and a rug for the “Slalom” and “Shtuka” models from the “Shaman”, using the control knob and the upper position lock of the rug, including the ability to install on sledges of previous seasons:

- minimizes the time spent by the musher on raising the brake mat to the position for acceleration (pushing the sledge) and on its descent into the working position;

- on difficult tracks allows the musher not to take his hands off the wheel of the sledge and practically does not distract attention to the management of the brake system;

- provides the ability to install anchors behind the loading platform of the sledge.

c) the brake caliper "Shaman". The brake caliper design is welded, the material is stainless steel.

The shape of the bracket allows you to set the brake teeth strictly parallel to the line of movement and braking.

With this arrangement, the staple body works only on bending, and not on twisting, which makes it possible to withstand large loads with the same cross section, without turning out.

The calibrated bar is designed to avoid the extension of the staple and provide it with greater rigidity during braking, especially during critical jerking loads (stones, tree roots under snow), when the teeth stretch back and tend to unbend the bracket to a normal trapeze, which puts them at an angle to the braking line.

The bar reduces the "free window" between the bracket and the rear crossbar of the

sledge, thereby preventing the musher’s legs from falling into it in an emergency,

which makes it possible to carry the "offensive" section of the staple farther, back

under his leg.


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